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GWA has always been the leader in Safety and Technology and we have done it again!

In 2004 we were the first operation to offer a "Submersible Cage" diving for our Isla Guadalupe expeditions. Since then we have literally made thousands of dives with this system. Some of those dives have been well below 100 feet! Normal dives are 30 to 40 feet and last 25 to 30 minutes and we rotate all certified divers as many times as possible each day.

The Submersible cage allows us to descend a little further into the world of the White Shark. Being only another 40 feet below the surface provides a completely new aspect to your diving experience. The Submersible cage allows us to escort our clients below the surface and safely into the Sharks world. The divers view from this depth are a photographers dream come true. For the Shark Fan, being suspended out in the blue with White Sharks appearing from below as well as from above is an experience that you will never ever forget.

These spectacular dives are for "Certified Divers" only and are always escorted by a GWA safety diver. We escort one or two guest divers at a time down to depth and remain at depth for 25 minutes. We rotate all certified divers that wish to make the journey as many times as conditions will allow. The response from our clients has been phenomenal and everyone has been overwhelmed by the experience. Professional as well as amateur photographers are raving about the incredible shots and different angles that have been captured during these dives. So when you are trying to choose which operator you would like to dive with, remember GWA is the leader in Safety and Technology.

Once again we are paving the way with new technology and ingenuity. We have designed and built the most revolutionary shark cage to date. The Self Propelled Shark Cage (SPSC) and we call it the "Pelagic Explorer". This amazing piece of equipment is certainly the most innovative system ever deployed at Isla Guadalupe.

The Pelagic Explorer is designed specifically for underwater filmmaking and has proven to be a safe and stable platform for any size format camera system from the basic HD system all the way to 3D IMAX systems. We can literally put any camera exactly where the operator wants it to be. In doing so we can capture incredible angles from a variety of perspectives. We are able to track and follow white sharks and for the first time we are able to document their natural behavior without using bait of any kind. This is completely revolutionary and has opened up a whole host of possibilities for new ideas and studies of white shark behavior. So "Stay Tuned" for some incredible images and breakthroughs in our knowledge of the great white shark.


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